IT Support

“Our contracts are truly fixed cost, remote, onsite, email and even consultancy are included.”

What We Do

Proactive Maintenance

We only work with fixed cost contracts, we do not get paid any more if you call us once, or a hundred times a month.

Using our suite of systems we proactively monitor your network for software updates, virus signatures, firmware and backup notifications.

By ensuring everything is up to date, secure and maintained we can avoid any downtime caused by neglect. Clients are happy with the extended uptime and we are more efficient due to not firefighting common errors.

Development Services

With three full time developers we build bespoke applications for our client’s needs.

Using Filemaker as our development platform we can rapidly build systems. This keeps our costs low and allows for continued development even after initial projects have finished.

We have systems being used by a single user right up to 300+ users.

Our developmental skills also complement our IT support products – if there is not a solution to your problem, we can build one.

Third Party Contracts

It is common these days to have multiple technology providers. It may be a CRM solution hosted by one party, communications by a second, multifunctional printer’s a third and IT systems by us.

We avoid the ‘blame game’ of multiple providers all accusing each other of a fault. By dealing with other providers directly on your behalf we can reduce wasted time and remove the stress caused by systems not working together. We work to solve the problem so you can carry on with your primary role.

UK Data Centre Locations

We have two data centre locations in the UK. These are packed with the latest hardware and software to allow us to deliver full cloud services to our clients.

Each location has failover capacity to the other, with all data duplicated and backed up across both sites.

Having our own capacity means we are flexible to our clients needs without the constraints given by traditional large providers such as AWS and Azure.

From cloud backups to full remote desktop services, we have the capability to deliver to your requirements.

More about our proactive maintenance

We can provide for free in any contract,

We can also provide,

Our Commitment to You

Fixed Cost Contracts

Our contracts are truly fixed cost, remote, onsite, email and even consultancy are included.

Should you need new hardware, we will even install that within our contracted costs. You can procure hardware from your preferred vendor, although we challenge all clients to beat our hardware on price, quality and performance.

Should you require additional project works – perhaps moving offices or migrating to a new platform, then we only proceed once pricing has been agreed up front. Orders must be signed off on our online portal by our clients prior to work commencing.

You will never receive an invoice from us that has not been pre-agreed.

SLA’s and Working Hours

Our standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) is 4 working hours for urgent incidents and 8 working hours non urgent. Urgent incidents are those stopping business functionality or a fault affecting more than 2 users. As we use modern monitoring and reporting systems we tend to know of critical issues before our clients do.

Our support lines and systems are open from 8am until 6pm. Our monitoring systems run 24/7 with SMS alerts to key staff out of hours.

Should you require out of hours support, we have a dedicated out of hours number that can be built into your contract.


Simple Communications

Mobile numbers for all staff are in our email signatures, we do not hide, if you need to speak to a specific person then just call.

If you call our main number, you will speak with a human based in the UK who will help you with your query immediately. No complex call systems, overseas call centres or triage rooms.


Remote Working Policy

Back in 2007 we realised travelling to and from our office was an inefficient use of time and resources. It was early days in the adoption of cloud based services, but over the twelve months to mid-2008 we had fully migrated.

Not travelling to an office freed up on average 2 hours per employee a day, which allowed us to open for longer hours at no additional cost to our clients.

In 2018 we opened up our infrastructure for client use, with many of our clients no longer requiring on premise servers – instead using our servers in the cloud.

For specific IT Support queries, please call or use the form below.